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From event production to social impact, fundraising technology services to customer service, we got you covered!!

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We execute all projects, big and small, with the same level of expertise, dedication and passion.

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With experienced team of Event Management Specialists who know how to plan, promote or run your Event!

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Event planning requires foresight; follow through and attention to detail. You need to see the big picture as well as the tiniest of details. Which is why we started 9 Square Events Event Management

Transparent Success

We wanted to create a company with the experience, skills and knowledge to help any event, no matter how large or how small, fulfill its ultimate potential.

Meaningful Partnership

We can help fledgling events get off the ground and existing events soar. We’re flexible, fast, responsive and reliable. And we always bring a fresh perspective.


We have the history, the know-how and the innovative spirit to put together genuinely unique events.No ask is too great, no act is out of reach and no venue unobtainable

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Our team will craft you an entirely bespoke space, one that caters perfectly to your special event. Cater to your every culinary want, sit back and enjoy your perfect event. Fill it with an awe-inspiring light show or book your most beloved artist to take center stage, our service is truly without limit and of course comes with the piece-of-mind of our complete and unwavering expertise

Our Services

Wedding Planner

We  works with a simple philosophy of creating “distinctive & successful events

Theme Parties

The only thing If you can dream it, we can theme it just for you!

Market Surveys

We carry our Questionnaire of a Quantitative market research report !

Product Launch

Product launch events are essential to the Businesses, but are critical to a startups.

Live Performace

We specialize in every aspect of creating and managing outstanding live events.


We have built the knowledge and practical expertise that have positioned for your exhibitions.

Corporate Meets

News, trends, and best practices for managing and planning corporate meetings.

Birthday Parties

Plan a fun birthday party with games, birthday invitations, and party ideas.

Road Show

We are having many years of experience in terms of hosting Road Shows via Mobile Display Vans, Canopies / Kiosks Etc

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